PERHAM, MINN. – NutriSource Pet Foods, a brand of Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc., has launched the Element series, a new line of high-protein dog foods. Each formula in the series contains at least 83% animal protein per serving.

The diets are formulated by the NutriSource team of pet nutrition experts to improve overall health and wellbeing, including gastrointestinal health. The formulas are fortified with the company’s proprietary probiotic blend, Good 4 Life Plus, which supplements a high-protein diet with nutrients that aid digestion, nutrient absorption, cognitive and heart health, and skin and coat health.

“High protein diets help our pet companions stay strong, active, and healthy,” said Darren Fujii, chief growth officer and national sales director for NutriSource Pet Foods. “We are excited to expand our range of products to offer pet parents new options specifically designed to boost the immune system, digestion and heart health of their companions.”

The diets in the Element series also contain DL-methionine, choline chloride, taurine and L-arginine, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, DHA and fruits and vegetables.

These new diets come in four recipes: Coastal Plains with a mix of turkey, salmon, and whitefish; Open Waters, including haddock, trout, and duck; Outback trails including lamb, kangaroo and wild boar; and wildlands with chicken, pork and bison.

The Element range will be available from select independent pet dealers in the United States.

NutriSource and Tuffy’s are both owned by KLN Family Brands, which have been in the pet food business since 1964 and in the confectionery business since 1987.

Find out more about Tuffy’s in our exclusive processor profile from the December 2019 issue of Pet Food Processing.


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